Driver Rehabilitation
Offering clinical driver rehabilitation and on-road training in our dedicated training vehicle.
  1. Driver Rehabilitation
    Comprehensive Driver Evaluation & Rehabilitation – both on-road and clinical (clinical intervention includes cognitive-perceptual training, driver education, biofeedback, and 4-screen driving simulation.) Training on a variety of hand controls now available.
  2. Community Mobility After Driving
    Community mobility rehabilitation can help identify the physical, psychosocial, and cognitive challenges that may restrict access to alternate forms of transportation, and then find strategies to facilitate safe and independent engagement for community mobility.
  1. We have a dedicated training vehicle available for on-road assessment and training.
  2. Our 4-screen driving simulator allows for testing and practicing road skills in a safe environment.
  1. Push/Right Angle Hand Control
    Push/Right Angle Hand Control
  2. Push/Rock Hand Control
    Push/Rock Hand Control
  3. Compact Right Hand Control
    Compact Right Hand Control
Driving Evaluation FAQ

How do I get an evaluation started?
Discuss your readiness for driving with your doctor and your rehabilitation team.  Obtain a prescription for a driving evaluation, and contact Function Rehabilitation to begin the process.

What does a driving evaluation cost?
Contact Function Rehabilitation for information regarding private pay rates.

Will my insurance cover the driving evaluation?
If a traumatic brain injury is the result of an automobile accident, no-fault insurance will frequently pay for an evaluation.  Because medical insurance companies do not consider driving a medical necessity, driving evaluations generally are not covered by major medical plans.

Where are driving evaluations available?
Evaluations can be performed throughout Michigan.

Why should I have a driving evaluation if my license is still valid?
Although your license is still valid, you may not have medical clearance to drive.  In the event that you have experienced a medical change that can affect driving, the major concern is safety.  If you successfully complete a driving evaluation, a report is written with recommendations to indicate that you can be medically cleared to drive.  This report is to become part of your medical records.

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